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20th January – Show and Shine

North Haven, Lady Gowrie Drive past the Police Academy 1km drive, car park is on the left, children’s playground and public toilet. Please bring lunch. Arrive from 9am.

Trevor is chief marshall and is requesting committee to be there by 8am. Please remember to bring your log books, statutory declaration forms and membership payments.


Christmas Dinner @ Rex Hotel

Christmas Dinner was well attended in our special room at the Rex Hotel.  The room looked great with decorations all around and on the tables.

We had choice of three mains and three desserts all beautifully presented and delicious.

Eleven lucky people were winners in the free raffle

The evening was very successful and I would like to wish all members a Merry Christmas and a great New Year.  See you all in 2019.

Trevor Hughes

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Eight members of the SCCASA headed to Mildura on a gloomy day. Trevor and Joyleen drove via the Northern expressway whilst Graham, Jan, Brenton and Meredith headed off via the SE Freeway at 9.30am. You were lucky to see the tail lights of the cars in front of you through the densely thick fog, but the faster you went through the fog, it managed to thin out.

Daryl and Maxine had Hawk trouble so it was decided to meet them at Karoonda, which we did. Now there was a threesome. The drive was ho hum as long drives are. Our car the HT purred through the highway and did not miss a beat. The other cars did the same as we arrived to a wet soggy Mildura around 4pm that same day. We met up with Trevor and Joyleen.

Jan,Maxine  and I did a spot of shopping the Mildura Central to gather ingredients for the BBQ we were having on Sunday and the morning tea on Sunday at the Merbein Cemetery.

Once we were done it was time for our first engagement at the Eastgate Tavern for our dinner.

We met up with our Victorian members and all the chitter chatter started. The manager of the Tavern made sure everything was to our satisfactory to which it was, a very enthusiastic man made us very welcome.

I am not saying here that all ladies are not special, we are, but there were three of our lady members who have been around the Studebaker movement for many years, before they were teenagers! and it so fabulous seeing  them accompany their fathers (all in their late middle years) to this run. I speak of Cheryl whose father is James Quigley, Tina whose father is Bob Godley, and Di whose father is Phil Smith. It was just great to see these senior members come and join in.  So, thank you to Cheryl, Tina and Di for accompanying your Dads, it is so special to all of us in the Studebaker family. Tissues now put away I continue.

With day one under our belt and a good night sleep it’s up and adam early for breakfast, itineraries and maps at the ready  we now head off to Orange World for a Citrus Tour. Richard had alternator troubles and Wayne’s front grill was falling out so they stayed behind to get these little repairs sorted out. Hunter let the secret out that it was his Nanny’s BDay so Happy Birthday Lesley. Our tour began with an introduction from Lynton on how the process from getting the fruit from the tree to sorting the fruit to sending to market. A demonstration of the old timber sorting machine clunking away, still in good use over many many years. Lynton also demonstrated on how to peel an orange, peel an orange you may say !! yes but with this magic gadget it leaves the whole orange intact with the rind off. Naturally it was a great sales item and I guess most of us bought one for ourselves and one for someone we know. Then our tour with Mario began. The tour was very good but Mario was excellent, he has the gift of the gab. The three little boys Hunter, Peter and Clary just enjoyed the train ride and Mario made sure that they did. A bird in one of the orange trees whispered in Mario’s ear that there was a Birthday on board his train and being of Belgium and Italian origin, he had to stop and we all had to sing Happy Birthday Lesley. A great informative tour by Mario about citrus how to look after your citrus, even the guys have to pee on their trees to help them along. Morning tea of orange cake, orange juice, tea and coffee was served with a follow of tasting of orange blossom honey and marmalade. Many purchases were made. What a great outing.

We then headed to the Dockside Café at the Marina for lunch. Great lunch was had by all. Hunter, Peter and Clary saw big fish in the river by the dock, they were huge carp. Tina and Di found their dream boat to have their next year’s NYE party, hope I get an invite! Even though I did not realize it belonged to Sue Salter!

We all waddled out when finished not wanting to even think of any more food to eat that day.

The next function for the day was the Mildura Arts Centre. A special display on there was the ABC Play School. Showing videos of play school from the 60’s through to the recent days. There I found young Peter Andriske singing along to I’m a little teapot, around the corner was Tina, and Maxine  doing the tip me over pour me out routine. The old home really bought back on how spoilt we are today with all our mod cons. A great place for a visit. Well, the real highlight of the day was seeing our member Jan trying to organise our male drivers to position their cars around the fountain for a photo and drone shoot. We know when we organise men our right is their left and their right is our left, well to organise 10 men with right, right, left , left is impossible but to organise  1 woman  with right, right, left, left is possible in one move. I laughed until I ached, but Jan got them organized even her husband Graham who had to bring his car to the right, left, left of the fountain to be seen in the photo. Peter a new member for Victoria bought his drone along to take photos which had us all intrigued. It sounded like a huge mozzie. Thanks to Daryl, Trevor, Dave, Peter, Michael, Brenton, Graham, Peter, Mike, Di, and Gordon for getting your cars into place.

Back to our Motel for some free time and more chitter chatter and coffee.

Guess what was next, Dinner. Paris Andriske gave instructions on how the first part of Sunday was going to be run.


Sunday was another gloomy day although it was dry.  We headed to Merbein Cemetery to celebrate our late departed member Peter Andriske and our more recent departed members to celebrate their lives with us in the Studebaker family.

Paris gave a brief talk on his life with his Dad and his escapades and had us in laughter. Young Peter placed some flowers on his Grandfather’s grave. Tissues out again! Tea and Coffee and biscuits went down well thanks to our barista Trevor. Thanks to Marie for her home cooked chocolate balls and to others for their contributions. Peter Fitzgerald had his drone out taking photos of the cars as they were parked for a great photo shoot. From there we did our original cruise to the cemetery in reverse and drove back to our accommodation for a BBQ lunch.  The SA members got going fairly quickly to get everything organized for lunch, thanks to motel host Phil who primed the BBQ to get it hot for us all the meat was cooked in no time thanks to Trev, Brent and Daryl.

Back on the road again we headed to the Holden Museum . Maxine who is great on her parts recognition put her hand through a wall mounted pockets and feeling what is in them.  Between Maxine, Daryl and Dave they got it all sorted out. Joyleen, Di, and myself thought of something totally different! A very enjoyable outing and followed by a coffee.

Bit more free time, shopping or going to the gym or gin or gem display as some of the members did.

Last meal of the evening at the Eastgate Tavern was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Presentation by Vic members to Mike Gardner for all his work was presented and thankyou’s to SA members for putting on a great event.


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