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Meeting opened by Andrew Sands

Apologies: Vic Samson, Ray and Carole Lamming,

Members Present: 19

July 2017 Minutes: Moved  Meredith Thomas Seconded Marty Mardiste

Correspondence In:

  • SCCA re Stude News Lesley Pink and Jonathon Heyde

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. Stude News

. Email to Kerrin McMahon for the website

. Richard Salter re Mildura

President’s Report

Xmas in July was a great success and thank you to Trevor for organizing the outing.

Thank you to Curtis for being our Santa, everyone loved you doing a great job.

To all those members who are having challenging health problems spring is not far away, take care and we will see you soon.

President Brenton Thomas

Treasurers Report

Aug 2017

Opening Balance: $3,207.70

Income:                  $    00.00

Expenses:              $    00.00

Balance:               $ 3,207.70

Due to the Treasurer and his Missus sailing the Pacific Ocean the report will be moved next meeting.


  • Turning Wheels July 2017


Next meetings on the: 14th October, 25th November

National Coordinator:

Toowoomba Meet HQ already booked out,

Eastgate Motel and Coachman Motels are available

General Business

As you are aware Marty lost his home due to an unfortunate fire. I discussed with members of the Committee that we donate a gift to Marty to help him buy some essentials for living. This was eagerly agreed by the Committee and the members.

Marty responded:

Thank you to members and committee for your kind generosity.

I have no intention of leaving the club even though I have lost some of my Studebakers, I feel that I have a role to play in my club and I look forward in attaining another car, being of use and help to you all. Thank you to Margie whom without her help I do not know where I would be.

Thank you for being friends


Daryl mentioned about importing cars regarding asbestos gaskets, brake linings, engine gaskets, will have to be replaced and incurring costs of inspections to make sure the regulations are met.

Rex: Asbestos if also found in door trims, rear mat in boots,

Brent: Lagging asbestos is the worst and to be left alone if found.


20th August – Breakfast at West Beach Surf Life Saving Club

Despite the cold wintery morning we had a good turn up of brave souls who got up early and headed to the West Beach Surf Life Saving Club for a hearty breakfast. Attending were Fred and Betty Jones, Graham and Jan Foale, Daryl and Maxine Jones, Brenton and Meredith Thomas, David Trembath, Anthony, Kerrin and Curtis McMahon and Trevor and Joyleen Hughes.

The meals were huge and varied, we were spoilt with choices. David even ordered a Vego Breakfast and added Bacon, not sure it would still be Vego Breakfast?

Four Studebakers and an X car that journeyed along as far as Moana then back along the seafront through Seaford to Noarlunga Bakery where we again lined up for more coffees.

The cars looked great and varied, a Bullet Nose, Hawk, Avanti and Silver Hawk and received many admiring glances. It was a lovely morning catching up with fellow members and I would like to thank you all for coming out and joining our outing.

Trevor Hughes

FootNote:  Happy Birthday’s to Joyleen and Jan and all the August birthdays


Trevor has contact down the South East SA of some 62/63 Hawk doors, Bonnet, Boot

If anyone is interest please contact Trevor.

Lucky door prizes drawn by Trevor and won by Betty Jones and Daryl Jones (sooky la la had the first prize but was second)

Meeting closed Andrew Sands



Meeting opened by Brenton Thomas President

Apologies: Vic Samson, Meredith Thomas, Graham and Jan Foale, Maxine Jones, David Trembath, Marty Mardiste and Margaret Clark, Sands Family.

Members Present: 13

June  2017 Minutes: Moved  Benton Thomas Seconded Carole Lamming

Correspondence In:

  • SCCA re Stude News

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* Stude News

* Email to Kerrin McMahon for the website

President’s Report

Winter has come back with a vengeance perfect for our xmas in July this Sunday so come along and enjoy. Stay dry stay well, stay warm. Hoping to see you all out and about.


Brenton Thomas

News just In: I received a phone call on Wednesay26th July from Marty Mardiste letting me know that he had just lost everything, his sheds, his home due to a fire that started in the back shed. Marty and Margaret were asleep when Margie’s son Corey was leaving his house in the early hours of the morning for work and noticed red embers flying across the road. He used his hose to no avail then started banging on the door to wake Marty and Margie to get out. Which they did and are ok.

Being the quiet man that he is made all the news stations local and interstate.

As quoted from this 80 year old gentleman” The fire is a bit disappointing but life must go on. Whatever is – you’ve got to make the best of it and take a new direction. Travel is now on the agenda with Margie”

What a great attitude to have and I for one will learn from it.

Thank you to all our members who have either contacted myself or Marty who have offered assistance in any way, Thank you to you all.


Treasurers Report


Opening Balance: $3512.21

Income:                  $    50.49 – Membership and renewal

Expenses:              $ 355.00 – SMASA, Elysian Website, Log Books, SCCA Membership

Balance:               $ 3,207.70


Moved Ray Lamming Seconded Rex Brown



  • Turning Wheels June 2017



Next meetings on the: 19th August (AGM), 14th October,  25th November


National Coordinator:

Toowoomba Meet HQ already booked out,

Eastgate Motel and Coachman Motels are available



Christmas in July Outing

After attending Wednesday night’s meeting and noticing all the absentees with various stages of the flue, I did not expect our Christmas in July to be successful.

However apart from phone calls  Graham and Jan, Marty and Margaret who were still quite sick the others dragged themselves from their sick beds and were able to join us on our outing.

We commenced from Semaphore at 11.00am and cruised along the seafront and back to the Glanville Hotel for lunch.

Several of our Studebakers parked out front of the very old, historical Hotel and made a very impressive site in the glorious sunshine.

We sat around a long beautifully set Christmas themed luncheon table (thanks Sue) and were fed a delicious lunch of roast beef or turkey with all the trimmings, followed by plum pudding and custard or cheesecake, strawberries and ice-cream.

A very short, stout Santa delivered boxes of chocolates to the ladies and looked very cute (thanks Curtis you did a great job) and was caught sitting on Meredith’s knee instead of the other way round!

A very well fed crowd enjoyed themselves and had a pleasant time. Thank you for attending.

Get well wished to all those who were unable to attend and we hope you are better soon.

Bon voyage to Carole and Ray Lamming who are off on a romantic Hawaiian cruise to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary, congratulations to you both.


Congratulations to Jim Quigley on obtaining Life Membership, well deserved too.


Meeting closed Brenton



Meeting opened by Brenton Thomas President 7.35pm

Apologies: Vic Samson, Anthony,Kerrin and Curtis McMahon

Members Present: 19

News has filtered through down south that whilst at the National Meet one of our very special young member Nathan Kramer was suffering with a bad pain in the hip making his life very uncomfortable.

Since being back in his hometown of Newcastle he has been diagnosed with osteoporosis. Nathan we are thinking of you and wishing you all the best and get well soon.

May  2017 Minutes: Moved  Meredith Thomas Seconded Trevor Hughes

 Correspondence In:

  • SMASA – Receipt from Ray Lamming
  • Turning Wheels May 2017
  • Email from Daryl and Maxine Jones re photo album
  • SA Govt re 90 day conditional registration scheme for historic, left hand drive and Street Rod vehicles, information effective 1 July 2017 ( for more detailed information please refer to: studebaker.org.au
  • Federation re granting of special funds to members clubs for events
  • Federation Motorfest Classic 2017

Correspondence Out:

  • Stude News
  • Emails to and fro to Kerrin McMahon for the website
  • Email to Lesley Pink re StudeNews email address update
  • Email to Lea De Groot re website

President’s Report

First of all I would like to especially thank Kerrin for her fabulous work in getting our web site to be of a good standard at long last. Kerrin and Meredith have been working together in collating information to make it interesting for all our members to read. Keep and eye out for updates on our website and please also send Meredith any items or information for Stude News by the 23rd of each month.

You can send it to email address: bandmthomas@hotmail.com in word format if possible.


Brenton Thomas


Treasurers Report

May 2017

Opening Balance: $1601.70

Income:                  $ 3030.51

Expenses:              $ 1120.00

Balance:               $ 3512.21

Ray noted that the National Meet 2017 finances have now  been finalised.

Moved Ray Lamming Seconded Jan Foale.


  • Turning Wheels May 2017


Marty reported about the press release from the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure new code of practice (A 90 day conditional registration scheme for Historic, Left Hand Drive and Street Rod Vehicles. Effective 1 July 2017 for more information please see our web site. If you require a print off and posted to you please phone Meredith 0412 985 209

Dated 12th May 2017 from the Government of South Australia Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure


The SA Government has approved changes to the current conditional registration scheme for historic, left hand drive and street rod vehicles.

These changes aim to remove red tape to allow more classic car lovers to enjoy their hobby out on the road, while also making the scheme more nationally consistent.  These changes will come into operation on 1 July2017.

The approve changes include the following:-

  1. Allow vehicles, modified from their original design, to enter the scheme. This will provide flexibility to allow owners to improve the ride, handling and safety of these classic vehicles, as well as cosmetic enhancements.  The registration scheme will no longer dictate the types of modifications permitted, merely remove this requirement altogether.
  2. Move away from a fixed cut-off date of 1979 to a rolling 30 year vehicle age for eligibility to enter the scheme: for both right hand and left hand drive vehicles,
  3. Make changes to the Code of Practice to decrease the necessity for motoring clubs to undertake vehicle inspections: reducing the administrative burden of the scheme. This will remove the need for both initial inspections upon scheme entry and all 3 yearly inspections. However, in all cases, there will remain the ability for the Registrar or motoring clubs to request vehicle inspection on an as-need basis. This will enable clubs to uphold their constitutional values.
  4. Remove the need for annual statutory declarations.
  5. Reduce limitations which ban left-hand drive vehicles with safety improvements, such as updated braking systems.  This will allow modifications to LHD vehicles and will treat them the same as RHD vehicles currently on the road.

To find out about the current conditional registration scheme please visit sa.gov.au

NB The onus is always falls on the owner not the club they are associated with.

Ignorance is no excuse – so please do the right thing. If in doubt contact Marty Mardiste or Ray Lamming for the correct information.

Next meetings on the: 19th August (AGM), 14th October,  25th November

National Coordinator:

Toowoomba Meet HQ already booked out,

Eastgate Motel and Coachman Motels are available


It was bought to the attention by Trevor Hughes that “ why are other states including their minutes in Stude News?” when reported to the meeting after the National Meet 2017 that minutes were not going to be included, it was going to be more of social news and information.

NB: Good item of which the committee had no answer!

Discussion from the members who do not have access to “Internet Technology” wish to have minutes inserted into Stude News.


25th June

National Motor Museum

Met at Bunnings – Parafield Gardens on corner of Main North Rd and Kings Rd, at the front of the car park  at 10.00am were Bob and Judy, Daryl and Maxine, Ray and Carole, Trevor and Joyleen, Brenton and Meredith. To farewell us off was new Granddad Steve Langelaar. Congratulations to both you and Sue and a new great grandson to Judy Norton and the late Cyril Norton.

Heading off towards One Tree Hill, then through to Kersbrook. The scenery was quite delightful green pastures with stock grazing. Remains of what was a fire last summer with new growth on the trees. We took an extended drive across to  Williamstown, great scenic route lopey roads not many twists and winds just a comfortable cruise for the classic cars.

Our cruise was for about an hour and we then arrive at the National Motor Museum. We were able to park on the grounds with easy access by one of the staff. She was quite taken with our car Daytona 64 Studebaker as she named her son Daytona. She had not seen one before and Brent informed her that ours was the only one in the state. Once we all parked we headed indoors as it was quite a bit warmer.

The day turned to a constant sprinkle of light rain and quite a cool breeze blowing from the south pole. Joining us at the Museum were Marty and Margaret who came up from Goolwa, quite a drive, but that is what our members do drive and cruise.

We all wandered around at our leisure and then met up at the coffee tables supplied indoors. Those that bought their lunch ate it while others went off to buy their lunch. All in all everyone was very comfortable.

It took a couple of hours for more to have a good wander around, listening to media that was presented in a couple of places in the museum.

We listened to the Bush Mechanic exhibition showing their ingenuity on getting out of a tight fix in context of Warlpiri storytelling, music and art and wider issues (motoring and non motoring) affecting Aboriginal Australians.

A couple of Bush Mechanic cars were on display in other words very basic quite a lot of the car had disappeared, no roof, no seatbelts, no boots, in fact it was air conditioned 24/7.

Once again we seemed to meet up again after our wanders quite a relaxing time.

It certainly was worth the trip to the National Motor Museum, we had not been here for quite a few years.

Thank you to the members who attended it makes organizing a run worthwhile, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


Brenton and Meredith Thomas

Coming Events

 23rd July

Xmas in July at the Glanville Hotel

Meet at Trevor’s house @11am. We then cruise to the Bay up Anzac Highway to the City, then down Port Road to be at the Glanville Hotel at noon for lunch @ $17 per head. If you have a Studebaker bring it along. Any queries please ring Trev 0412 825 657

20th August

Breakfast at the West Beach Surf Lifesaving Club

Breakfast at 9.00am then a cruise down the coast to Moana for morning tea. Don’t forget your Studebaker if you have one. Any queries please ring Trev 0412 825 657

10th September

Drive Your Studebaker Day

Meeting at the Caltex Service Station on Pt Wakefield Rd at 10.00am and heading to Balaklava more information in August Stude News and on web site.

 24th September

Bay to Birdwood – Post 1960

Meeting at 7.30am-8.00am at McDonald’s crn of Anzac Highway and Morphett Rd for breakfast. We then with our chairs, hooters etc go and sit in the middle of the Highway and cheer on all the car enthusiasts that are driving to Birdwood.

Bring with you a chair, tea and coffee etc. a rug may be needed or an umbrella.

22nd October

Rex Brown and the Hot Rodders @ Strathalbyn

Meeting at 9.00am at the Crafers Bus Interchange just off the South Eastern Freeway heading to Crafers. We will then head into Strathalbyn as a group. For those who are a little sluggish we will re meet at the side of the Mt Barker Oval on the Strathalbyn Rd, a safe option to be able to pull over as a group. Contact for this run is Meredith 0412 985 209 if Rex Brown is not available.

 19th November

Picnic Day At The Barossa

Meeting at the Caltex Service Station on Port Wakefield Rd at 11am. We will cruise to Tanunda through to Nuriootpa making our way and stopping at the Angaston Memorial Park for a picnic lunch. After lunch Trevor has organized a winery for a little tasting. Any queries please contact Trevor Hughes on 0412 825 657

 2nd December

Xmas Dinner at the Rex Hotel

Last year’s xmas dinner was such a success it was voted that we do it again. Same place in Sully’s Bar (our meeting room) Time 6.30pm Xmas menu $28.00pp

Just to add a bit of fun for the evening we will be doing a Chris Cringle, this is when each member and his/her partner buys a gift of NO MORE than $10 each. Women buy for women and men buy for men of NO MORE than $10 each. On the evening we have two baskets for you to put your Kris Kringle gifts in. During the course of the evening we will have our Kris Kringle present giving.

Meredith is organizing this event 0412 985 209 to advise of your attendance.

 21st January 2018

Show and Shine

North Haven just past the Police Academy more information to come Trevor is organizing this event.

25th February

President’s Picnic

More information to come.

16th and 17th March (Fri and Sat)

Rock n Roll at Renmark

6 rooms have been booked, ground floor units where we had the National Meet.

If you intend ongoing please speak to either Ray Lamming or Brenton Thomas to make sure you are accommodated.

25th March

Vist to the Desalination Plant at O’Sullivans Beach

Marty is organizing this event so more information is coming

22nd April 2018 (Car Display)

McLaren Vale Vintage Classic 2018

Meeting at the Victoria Hotel O’ Halloran Hill at 9.00am. Travel down to McLaren Vale together and enter together at the Serafino Winery on Kangarilla Rd, McLaren Vale.

Meredith will have registration forms during the year when they are online for members or download at www.vintageandclassic.com.au/ You must register to participate.

This is a great day we get designated to a winery where we can purchase lunch and wine. Enjoy the music and just enjoy the day.

20th May 2018


 9th, 10th, 11th June

Memorial Run with Victoria to Mildura

In the early stages of organizing this so watch this space. But please put the date in your diary.


Trevor mentioned a previous member has 3 x 47’s rusted lights and bits and pieces.

Brent to ring  Max.

Discussions on Cars for sale interstate, 64 Hawk(sold) and a 48 not sold at auction

Ray discussed his recent trip to Cooly and met up with other like minded Studebaker people.

Door Prize won by: Rex Brown, drawn by Joyleen Hughes donated By the Lammings.

Thank You.

Meeting closed Brenton 8.35pm