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McLaren Vale was the chosen destination for this outing. We met at Victoria Hotel carpark, a beautiful spring morning, 6 Studebakers and 3 X cars, 19 members in all. We then cruised to the Almond Train where we were able to purchase all sorts of nuts flavoured with many different combinations of delicious ingredients.

From there we went to Bracegirdles Chocolate house where we had lunch. Some wandered down to the Garden shop to purchase some seedlings etc.

Into our cars again to the Information centre where we could enjoy wine tasting and coffees.

Hudson was able to have his picture taken in an Avanti which made his day and I would like to thank all the members who attended.

Trevor Hughes


Last Sunday we had a run to the Chocolate Factory at Tanunda.

We met at the Caltex Service Station on Port Wakefield Road on a crisp, calm, sunny morning.

As we drove along the Sturt Highway and branched off at Gumersol Road it was obvious to all what a beautiful view of the Barossa Valley in our wonderful state of SA we were privileged to see.

On arrival we found a table and then had to choose from a varied selection of luncheon dishes.

No one was disappointed with their choice.  Vic really got into his chicken wings with Hudson reminding Grandpa he had most of his food on his face.

We then wandered amongst the hundreds of boxes of chocolates on show and for sale.

Some of us even lined up for ice creams to finish off.

We followed Daryl and Maxine through Gawler and made our way home.

To me this was one of the best and most pleasant runs I have been on and must return again in the future.

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We met at Adelaide Airport on a very sunny Sunday morning then toured along the beaches from Glenelg to Outer Harbour and then to Glanville Hotel for lunch where we were able to display our various model Studebakers. We had 7 on display receiving lots of attention.

There were 19 of us enjoying a choice of Mains Roast Turkey or Roast Beef and desserts Berry Cheesecake or Christmas Pudding and custard.

Father Christmas was too busy to attend but he left everyone a box of chocolates.

Raffles won by Meredith, Ray and Cheryl.

Thanks to all who attended. Was a great turn up and thanks to the Glanville staff for the table decorations and delicious and economical meal.


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It was a nice sunny Sunday morning, arriving at the Nursery at 11am. There was sooo much to see apart from flowers, plants, trees, shrubs etc. There were specialty shops selling kitchen ware, paintings, jewellery, handbags and knickknacks. After wandering around, the 12 members in attendance (including 4 Studebakers) had a lovely lunch at Doncho’s Café Lounge. There were a lot of dishes to choose from and lots of lovely sweets that some did opt for. Once bellies were full, we made our purchases said our farewells and journeyed home. Thank you for all that attended.


Sunday May 19 dawned a warm balmy morning for our club run to Tailem Bend with plenty of clouds threatening and a forecast for rain. It was a great opportunity for Jan and myself to host lunch at our holiday home  at placid estates on the Murray River. We set off from our usual spot at the “Top of Taps” and followed our road director Darryl Jones with David Trembath navigating and Maxine relegated to the rear seat. With us was Trevor and Joyleen Hughes, Brenton and Meredith Thomas, Bob and Judy Reischmuller. Lloyd Burns and Michael joined us also which was great.

A nice drive through Clarendon, Meadows, Paris creek and on to Strathalbyn where we were joined at the Bakery by our Bionic member Marty sporting his new hip and soon new knees along with partner Margaret. After Pies and Pasties, well, after all it was 10 o’clock, but honestly girls half of that strawberry cheesecake would have been sufficient. From there to Wellington and across the river on the ferry, showing off our Studes to a large group of bikers, we finally arrived at our shack for lunch.

We were joined there by David Read and Richard Hobby who both live nearby.

Everyone brought their own food and drinks and also supplied magnificent salads to boot. We set up inside as by then the rain had arrived. It was a lovely day with 19 members for lunch and a good chin wag.

Our President Trevor took the opportunity to present 25 year badges to Richard Hobby and Lloyd Burns as they don’t always get to town for our meetings. All in all a great day getting together with our fellow members over lunch.

Graham Foale


Christmas Dinner @ Rex Hotel – 1st December

Christmas Dinner was well attended in our special room at the Rex Hotel.  The room looked great with decorations all around and on the tables.

We had choice of three mains and three desserts all beautifully presented and delicious.

Eleven lucky people were winners in the free raffle

The evening was very successful and I would like to wish all members a Merry Christmas and a great New Year.  See you all in 2019.

Trevor Hughes

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ROD RATS STRATHALBYN – 21st October 2018

What a great day.  We cruised up to Mt. Barker met up with six Studebakers, even David was early!! and then on to Strathalbyn Oval.

Rex and Liz Brown were organisers being members of the Hot Rod Club as well as Studebaker members so they were already there in their Stude truck, as were

Ray and Carole Lamming in their Mustang.

The weather was perfect as was the condition of the oval, the grass looked as good as a bowling green, so good in fact we were scared to put our umbrellas into the ground.

There were some really amazing vehicles on display about 170 turned up in every colour of the rainbow.

Our vehicles caused a lot of interest especially the two Avantis as many people had never seen one before.

We set up our chairs, purchased coffees or opened thermos’s, good selection of food vans to choose from and plenty of great cars to see.

Also joining us were Vic and Cheryl Samson.

Graham & Jeanette Foale, 1950 Champion Sedan

Daryl & Maxine Jones, 1963 GT Hawk

David Trembath, 1957 Silver Hawk

Dean Nitschke, 1964 Avanti

Trevor & Joyleen Hughes, 1964 Avanti

Thank you to all members that attended.


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DRIVE YOUR STUDEBAKER DAY – 9th September 2018


Meeting at the Crafers Interchange at Crafers a number of enthusiastic Stude members were gathering.

Of course the members that live the closest are the last to arrive!

We cruised along the SE Freeway to Hahndorf. The place was buzzing with  tourists as they were out in force. Mind you it was a beautiful day and everyone who was out wanted their Vitamin D, big time.

Our first stop was Beerenburg, for some tastings and purchasing. Taste of the day but you had to pay for it was the scrumptious frozen strawberries covered in chocolate. Yummy If you wanted to buy a packet of them try $15 ouch, so satisfaction came at 1.

Daryl bought copius amounts of chocolate, as he could Maxine could not tear herself away from seeing the Crows play, so Daryl and grandson Cooper made the most of eating all the chocolate before they go home.

Under strict instructions from Joyleen, Brenton who organized this run (HAHA) was told not to go too fast. Mind you we are driving V8’ and they need to be aired fast!! So we plodded along the roads, for them to all follow. I am sorry but you must keep to the speed limit either going fast or going SLOW!

We did pull over for the others to catch up, why they just went slow again. I can understand Graham in his 1950 Commander Bullet Nose and with 2 extra people on board, as his was giving them the opulent of a chauffered cruise, to their delight.

We eventually made it to the Finniss General Store, which was delightful with our table ready and once we all paid and sat down our lunch came out. From Warm chicken salads, to burgers we could not say that we were hungry. The look on Judy’s face when her burger came out was priceless, it was enough to feed her for the next few days. Kerry her daughter, who was over from Melbourne helped Judy wrap it up in her doggie back for later.

All in all it was a great day and thank you to Daryl and Cooper, Vic and Cheryl, David, Trevor and Joyleen, Graham and Jan, Marty and Margaret, Bob, Judy, Brenton and Meredith who participated, and our visitors John and Jan and Kerry who joined us.

Great to see Marty and Margaret on the run and seeing how well Marty is doing


XMAS IN JULY – 22nd July 2018

It was a sunny Winters morning when some members were meeting at Adelaide Airport viewing park, David, Rex and Liz, Daryl and Maxine, Bob and Judy, Trevor and Joyleen all driving their Studebakers set off for a cruise around Glenelg then along the beach front to Semaphore and then on to the Glanville Hotel.

There we were joined by Fred and Betty (also in their Studebaker), Vic and Cheryl, and Marty and Margaret.

The Hotel Staff had prepared a real Christmas table setting, decorations, and a very warm heater all stoked up for us.

We enjoyed a delicious menu of roast beef or turkey with all the trimmings and desert of either berry cheesecake or Christmas pudding and custard.

Tinkling bells getting louder…and Santa arrived, unfortunately his pants dropped to his ankles when he got to the doorway, however he hitched them up and gave boxes of chocolates to the ladies with a ho ho here and there. (Thank you Curtis).

We had a very enjoyable meal and get together.  Thank you to all members who attended it was a great day.

Trevor Hughes


9th, 10th, 11th June 2018 – Memorial Run with Victoria

Eight members of the SCCASA headed to Mildura on a gloomy day. Trevor and Joyleen drove via the Northern expressway whilst Graham, Jan, Brenton and Meredith headed off via the SE Freeway at 9.30am. You were lucky to see the tail lights of the cars in front of you through the densely thick fog, but the faster you went through the fog, it managed to thin out.

Daryl and Maxine had Hawk trouble so it was decided to meet them at Karoonda, which we did. Now there was a threesome. The drive was ho hum as long drives are. Our car the HT purred through the highway and did not miss a beat. The other cars did the same as we arrived to a wet soggy Mildura around 4pm that same day. We met up with Trevor and Joyleen.

Jan,Maxine  and I did a spot of shopping the Mildura Central to gather ingredients for the BBQ we were having on Sunday and the morning tea on Sunday at the Merbein Cemetery.

Once we were done it was time for our first engagement at the Eastgate Tavern for our dinner.

We met up with our Victorian members and all the chitter chatter started. The manager of the Tavern made sure everything was to our satisfactory to which it was, a very enthusiastic man made us very welcome.

I am not saying here that all ladies are not special, we are, but there were three of our lady members who have been around the Studebaker movement for many years, before they were teenagers! and it so fabulous seeing  them accompany their fathers (all in their late middle years) to this run. I speak of Cheryl whose father is James Quigley, Tina whose father is Bob Godley, and Di whose father is Phil Smith. It was just great to see these senior members come and join in.  So, thank you to Cheryl, Tina and Di for accompanying your Dads, it is so special to all of us in the Studebaker family. Tissues now put away I continue.

With day one under our belt and a good night sleep it’s up and adam early for breakfast, itineraries and maps at the ready  we now head off to Orange World for a Citrus Tour. Richard had alternator troubles and Wayne’s front grill was falling out so they stayed behind to get these little repairs sorted out. Hunter let the secret out that it was his Nanny’s BDay so Happy Birthday Lesley. Our tour began with an introduction from Lynton on how the process from getting the fruit from the tree to sorting the fruit to sending to market. A demonstration of the old timber sorting machine clunking away, still in good use over many many years. Lynton also demonstrated on how to peel an orange, peel an orange you may say !! yes but with this magic gadget it leaves the whole orange intact with the rind off. Naturally it was a great sales item and I guess most of us bought one for ourselves and one for someone we know. Then our tour with Mario began. The tour was very good but Mario was excellent, he has the gift of the gab. The three little boys Hunter, Peter and Clary just enjoyed the train ride and Mario made sure that they did. A bird in one of the orange trees whispered in Mario’s ear that there was a Birthday on board his train and being of Belgium and Italian origin, he had to stop and we all had to sing Happy Birthday Lesley. A great informative tour by Mario about citrus how to look after your citrus, even the guys have to pee on their trees to help them along. Morning tea of orange cake, orange juice, tea and coffee was served with a follow of tasting of orange blossom honey and marmalade. Many purchases were made. What a great outing.

We then headed to the Dockside Café at the Marina for lunch. Great lunch was had by all. Hunter, Peter and Clary saw big fish in the river by the dock, they were huge carp. Tina and Di found their dream boat to have their next year’s NYE party, hope I get an invite! Even though I did not realize it belonged to Sue Salter!

We all waddled out when finished not wanting to even think of any more food to eat that day.

The next function for the day was the Mildura Arts Centre. A special display on there was the ABC Play School. Showing videos of play school from the 60’s through to the recent days. There I found young Peter Andriske singing along to I’m a little teapot, around the corner was Tina, and Maxine  doing the tip me over pour me out routine. The old home really bought back on how spoilt we are today with all our mod cons. A great place for a visit. Well, the real highlight of the day was seeing our member Jan trying to organise our male drivers to position their cars around the fountain for a photo and drone shoot. We know when we organise men our right is their left and their right is our left, well to organise 10 men with right, right, left , left is impossible but to organise  1 woman  with right, right, left, left is possible in one move. I laughed until I ached, but Jan got them organized even her husband Graham who had to bring his car to the right, left, left of the fountain to be seen in the photo. Peter a new member for Victoria bought his drone along to take photos which had us all intrigued. It sounded like a huge mozzie. Thanks to Daryl, Trevor, Dave, Peter, Michael, Brenton, Graham, Peter, Mike, Di, and Gordon for getting your cars into place.

Back to our Motel for some free time and more chitter chatter and coffee.

Guess what was next, Dinner. Paris Andriske gave instructions on how the first part of Sunday was going to be run.


Sunday was another gloomy day although it was dry.  We headed to Merbein Cemetery to celebrate our late departed member Peter Andriske and our more recent departed members to celebrate their lives with us in the Studebaker family.

Paris gave a brief talk on his life with his Dad and his escapades and had us in laughter. Young Peter placed some flowers on his Grandfather’s grave. Tissues out again! Tea and Coffee and biscuits went down well thanks to our barista Trevor. Thanks to Marie for her home cooked chocolate balls and to others for their contributions. Peter Fitzgerald had his drone out taking photos of the cars as they were parked for a great photo shoot. From there we did our original cruise to the cemetery in reverse and drove back to our accommodation for a BBQ lunch.  The SA members got going fairly quickly to get everything organized for lunch, thanks to motel host Phil who primed the BBQ to get it hot for us all the meat was cooked in no time thanks to Trev, Brent and Daryl.

Back on the road again we headed to the Holden Museum . Maxine who is great on her parts recognition put her hand through a wall mounted pockets and feeling what is in them.  Between Maxine, Daryl and Dave they got it all sorted out. Joyleen, Di, and myself thought of something totally different! A very enjoyable outing and followed by a coffee.

Bit more free time, shopping or going to the gym, gem display as some of the members did.

Last meal of the evening at the Eastgate Tavern was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Presentation by Vic members to Mike Gardner for all his work was presented and thankyou’s to SA members for putting on a great event.



27th May 2018 – Jan and Graham Foales Placid Estate

Many thanks to Graham and Jan Foale for having our May outing at their holiday home on the River Murray at Placid Estate.

There was a great turn-up of members.  We met at the Stirling exchange and headed up to Strathalbyn for coffee, cakes and a chat (some of us stragglers accidently took a different route) then across punt at Wellington to Placid Estate for lunch.

Our ladies supplied a great range of salads and the men took over the BBQ. We then sat on their huge balcony which had been set up with long tables and chairs to enjoy the food, drinks and fantastic views over the river.

A storm was predicted which caused some members to leave their Studes at home in favour of x-brands, however it didn’t happen and instead was a beautifully calm afternoon enjoyed by all.

The outing was well supported by our members and thanks again to the Foales for their hospitality.


16th – 18th March 2018 – Renmark Rock & Roll Festival

Seven of us travelled to Renmark for the Rock and Roll festival. Ray and Carole, Ron (Carole’s brother) Daryl and Maxine and Brenton and Meredith.

Weather was great for travelling. We all met up and decided on what we will be doing on the Friday. Of course if you know us there are is always alcohol and nibbles available. There was a bit shopping on Friday afternoon, coffee etc.

The main day was Saturday where there were market stalls, classic cruise run to Berri for the enthusiasts around 50 cars and a great deal of wandering around and listening to Rock n Roll music, being entertained by the local dancers.

It was a great weekend, but I am sorry to say that is all I have to report as a deal was done that what was said and done stays with those who attended.


25th February – President’s Family Day Picnic

21st January 2018 – Show & Shine

This year our Show Day was held at a park near the sea at North Haven.

We pitched our Club marquee and set our chairs amongst the lovely old pine trees.

It was expected to be 35 degrees but with the sea breeze and shade of the trees it was quite cool and pleasant.

Ten beautiful Studes and 3 X-cars were parked side by side facing Lady Gowrie Drive and attracted a lot of attention from people and cars passing by.

We welcomed new members Jason, Kelly and daughter Maggie in their very nice Valiant Wagon.

Also visitors, Kerry, Bob and Judy’s daughter who had just flown in from Melbourne to be with us, and Ron and Linda Broadstock past members, in their newly acquired 63 Hawk.

The raffle, a huge tub of car cleaning products was drawn by Ray Lamming and won by Daryl Jones.

We enjoyed picnic lunches and good conversation amongst a great bunch of people.

I would like to thank all members who came along and made it such a pleasant day.



2nd December 2017 – Xmas Dinner at Rex Hotel

19th November 2017 – Picnic Day at the Barossa

On a beautiful sunny morning, expected top of 30degrees,

we met on Port Wakefield Road at the Caltex Service Station and cruised up to the Northern Freeway through Tanunda, Nuriootpa to Angaston where we set up in the Memorial Park in the heart of the town under lovely shady trees near a running brook to have our picnic lunch.

Attending were Ray and Carole Lamming, Fred and Betty Jones, Bob and Judy Reischmueller, David Trembath and Bette, Brenton Thomas, Lloyd and Michael Burns, Trevor and Joyleen Hughes.

Luckily for the rest of us,  the only person the mosquitoes took too was Ray Lamming.  Poor Ray was icing his lumps down and had to sit in the sun.

Studebakers in attendance were, Brenton’s Daytona, Bob’s Lark, Fred’s Hawk, Lloyd’s Lark, Trev’s Avanti.

After lunch we travelled to Laughing Jack Winery at Marananga where the owners  Shawn and Briony Kalleske gave us a tour of their winery, told us their family story and history in the area going back to the mid 1800’s.   Shawn explained about the growing and blending involved and we were able to taste the many varieties they produce.  It was very relaxed and enjoyable.

Many members bought and took samples home.

After taking some photos of our cars we meandered home after a very pleasant outing catching up with our members.

Trevor Hughes

At Laughing Jack Winery

At Laughing Jack Winery


Shawn & Briony Kalleske educating us on the making of wine.

Shawn & Briony Kalleske educating us on the making of wine.



22nd October 2017 – Hot Rodders @ Strathalbyn – Organized by Rex Brown

What looked like being a real sluggish day actually turned out to be a very enjoyable event.

The only staters at Crafers Bus interchange were the Jones and Lamming vehicles who thought that was it. When we arrive at the Memorial oval at Strath we were joined by David Trembath, Denis Nitschke and Shirley, Rex and Elizabeth Brown plus our old members Lyn and Ron Braodstock. We then all had a gasbag and enjoyed viewing over a hundred magnificent modified vehicles. Very sorry I left the camera home.

The event is a must for next year so keep the third Sunday in October free as they will definitely repeat this successfully attended event.

24th September 2017 – Bay to Birdwood – Post 1960

10th September 2017 – Drive your Studebaker Day

A group total of over 1500 Kilometres was achieved by the members of the S.A. Club who drove to Balaklava to celebrate “DRIVE YOUR STUDEBAKER DAY”. The weather gods were on our side and the spring sunshine was very welcome after a very cold winter. The five beautifully presented Studebakers two GT’s a Silver Hawk, Lark and  a  Bullet nose received heaps of attention at all our stops and along the highway

On our trip we finally got to see Vic who is on call at all times for rail traffic direction problems.   SUNDAY morning no less .A truck carrying chickens had missed an S turn and had written off the train   stop lights at an S bend between Two Wells and Mallala   and our man was supervising a brand new set of lights. We can finally believe all those apologies now. Well done Vic!!

Balaklava is situated nearly 100 Kilometres north of Adelaide and is a very productive farming area. The Area was a major influence in the manufacture of all farm implements during South Australia’s early   settlement  and  farming history .The Museums we visited in the town are a tribute and guide to “A COMMUNITY AT WORK”. All the history and I mean all the history is available and   the    Urlwin Park Agricultural Museum is a showcase for Balaklava-made collection of horse drawn transport and machinery.

Norma our host helped us view all manner of sheds with the town history and we were lucky to see   an elderly retired farmer” driving”  a tractor towing a  farrow churning around a paddock. A real feat as he   was standing on the farrow equipment controlling the tractor with ropes .It was similar to a man driving a team of horses and a different way to display your restoration.

We also had a poker  run  and a pair of Kings picked by Jan  Foale was strong enough to win the Bubbly Red. Well done Jan.!!

Thank you to the Foale ,Hughes, Jones, Rischmueller and Trembath  families and the Red Mustang for attending the Drive Day .Also thanks to Irene and Geoff Dawson foe the help in organising the day.

The locals had obviously heard all the robbery jokes as all volunteers were retirees. Balaklava thank you.


Ray Lamming

L - R Jan, David, Ray, Carole, Graham, Maxine, Daryl, Trevor, Bob and Judy. Photographer: Joyleen

L – R Jan, David, Ray, Carole, Graham, Maxine, Daryl, Trevor, Bob and Judy.
Photographer: Joyleen

Group of Studebakers at Balaklava

Group of Studebakers at Balaklava

Hard working truck

Hard working truck

20th August – Breakfast at West Beach Surf Life Saving Club


Despite the cold wintery morning we had a good turn up of brave souls who got up early and headed to the West Beach Surf Life Saving Club for a hearty breakfast. Attending were Fred & Betty Jones, Graham & Jan Foale, Daryl & Maxine Jones, Brenton and Meredith Thomas, David Trembath, Anthony, Kerrin & Curtis McMahon and Trevor & Joyleen Hughes.

The meals were huge and varied, we were spoilt with choices. David even ordered a Vego Breakfast and added Bacon, not sure it would still be Vego Breakfast? J

Four Studebakers and an X car than journeyed along as far as Moana then back along the seafront through Seaford to Noarlunga Bakery where we again lined up for more coffees.

The cars looked great and varied, a Bullet nose, Hawk, Avanti and Silver Hawk and received many admiring glances. It was a lovely morning catching up with fellow members and I would like to thank you all for coming out and joining our outing.


Members at Breackfast

Members at Breakfast

Cars outside West beach Surf Life Saving Club

Cars outside West beach Surf Life Saving Club

Morning tea at Port Noarlunga

Morning tea at Port Noarlunga

23rd July – Christmas in July Outing

After attending Wednesday night’s meeting and noticing all the absentees with various stages of the flu, I did not expect our Christmas in July to be successful.

However apart from phone calls from Graham and Jan, Marty and Margaret, who were still quite sick the others dragged themselves from their sick beds and were able to join us on our outing.

We commenced from Semaphore Park at 11:00am and cruised along the seafront and back to the Glanville Hotel for lunch.

Several of our Studebakers parked out front of the very old, historical Hotel and made a very impressive sight in the glorious sunshine.

We sat around a long beautifully set Christmas themed luncheon table (thanks Sue) and were fed a delicious lunch of roast beef or turkey with all the trimmings, followed by plum pudding and custard or cheesecake , strawberries and icecream.

A very short, stout Santa delivered boxes of chocolates to the ladies and looked very cute (thanks Curtis you did a great job) and was caught sitting on Meredith’s knee instead of the other way round!

A very well fed crowd enjoyed themselves and had a pleasant time. Thank you all for attending.

Get well wished to all those who were unable to attend and we hope you are better soon.

Bon voyage to Carole and Ray Lamming who are off on a romantic Hawaiian cruise to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary, congratulations to you both.


Congratulations to Jim Quigley on obtaining Life Membership, well deserved too.



Curtis McMahon as Santa


Studebakers in front of Glanville Hotel


Trevor Hughes giving the thumbs up on the way to lunch

Trevor Hughes giving the thumbs up on the way to lunch

Maxine Jones and Betty Jones (not related)

Maxine Jones and Betty Jones (not related)

25th June – National Motor Museum


Met at Bunnings – Parafield Gardens on corner of Main North Rd and Kings Rd, at the front of the car park  at 10.00am were Bob and Judy, Daryl and Maxine, Ray and Carole, Trevor and Joyleen, Brenton and Meredith. To farewell us off was new Granddad Steve Langelaar. Congratulations to both you and Sue and a new great grandson to Judy Norton and the late Cyril Norton.

Heading off towards One Tree Hill, then through to Kersbrook. The scenery was quite delightful green pastures with stock grazing. Remains of what was a fire last summer with new growth on the trees. We took an extended drive across to  Williamstown, great scenic route lopey roads not many twists and winds just a comfortable cruise for the classic cars.

Our cruise was for about an hour and we then arrive at the National Motor Museum. We were able to park on the grounds with easy access by one of the staff. She was quite taken with our car Daytona 64 Studebaker as she named her son Daytona. She had not seen one before and Brent informed her that ours was the only one in the state. Once we all parked we headed indoors as it was quite a bit warmer.

The day turned to a constant sprinkle of light rain and quite a cool breeze blowing from the south pole. Joining us at the Museum were Marty and Margaret who came up from Goolwa, quite a drive, but that is what our members do drive and cruise.

We all wandered around at our leisure and then met up at the coffee tables supplied indoors. Those that bought their lunch ate it while others went off to buy their lunch. All in all everyone was very comfortable.

It took a couple of hours for more to have a good wander around, listening to media that was presented in a couple of places in the museum.

We listened to the Bush Mechanic exhibition showing their ingenuity on getting out of a tight fix in context of Warlpiri storytelling, music and art and wider issues (motoring and non motoring) affecting Aboriginal Australians.

A couple of Bush Mechanic cars were on display in other words very basic quite a lot of the car had disappeared, no roof, no seatbelts, no boots, in fact it was air conditioned 24/7.

Once again we seemed to meet up again after our wanders quite a relaxing time.

It certainly was worth the trip to the National Motor Museum, we had not been here for quite a few years.

Thank you to the members who attended it makes organizing a run worthwhile, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


Brenton and Meredith Thomas



May 21st 2017 – Sunday Run to Placid Estate

After an uncertain week with lots of rain forecast Sunday dawned a magnificent autumn morning and progressed to a perfect day for an outside lunch. Sixteen  happy folk in six studes and two brand x cars set off from the Crafers park and ride at 10am. We motored through Mount Barker to Wistow then on to Strathalbyn for a coffee break. Along with many ,many other cars and motorbikes out for the day. The bakery was hopping , Marty and Margarets coffee took 20 mins. The rest of us bought coffee and donuts at a caravan in the Sunday market. Like we all needed donuts!.

We set off again and headed east to Wellington on the Murray river, yes you guessed it ,same river as Renmark. Luck was on our side again and all of us fitted on the ferry together. Ray Lamming was sporting the shiny , brand new red Mustang and drove gingerly onto the punt with just enough clearance. Carole was in her element, she just loves ferrys , not. We arrived at our holiday home at about 12.30 to be joined by Dick Hobby from Lameroo and David Read from nearby Tailem Bend. Perfect  timing.

The sun was out, the breeze was light and the company terrific. We lined the Studes up for a photo, confining the mustang to the carport. Didn’t want the paint to fade. We set up 2 tables on the deck overlooking our magnificent river ,the ladies got to it inside preparing all the dishes they had brought and the bbq was lit. With help from Darryl, Brenton, and Bob lunch was soon sizzling.

The next 3 hours was spent with great food, great wine and naturally lots of talk about Studes. It was fantastic for Jan and I to host such a great group of people for a great lunch. I don’t think we have had such a large gathering on the deck for lunch before. No one was interested in a swim or ski although David Trembath said he might try a barefoot.! I told him the boat key was missing.

So to Meredith and Brenton Thomas, Carole and Ray Lamming, Maxine and Darryl Jones, Betty and Fred Jones, Bob and Judy Rischmuller, David Trembath and Betty, Marty and Margaret , Dick Hobby and David Read, thanks for your company and a great day . Sorry you had to follow the Bullet Nose at 90kms an hour. But that’s life in a Stude.  I hope it didn’t soot up the plugs in the new Pony.

Jan and Graham Foale.

Stude2405171   Enjoying our beautiful lunch                               Stude2405172Jan Foale and Carole Lamming