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2nd December 2017 – Xmas Dinner at Rex Hotel

Last year’s xmas dinner was such a success it was voted that we do it again. Same place in Sully’s Bar (our meeting room) Time 6.30pm Xmas menu $28.00pp

Just to add a bit of fun for the evening we will be doing a Chris Cringle, this is when each member and his/her partner buys a gift of NO MORE than $10 each. Women buy for women and men buy for men of NO MORE than $10 each. On the evening we have two baskets for you to put your Chris Cringle gifts in. During the course of the evening we will have our Chris Crinkle present giving.

Meredith and Jan are organizing this event 0412 985 209 to advise of your attendance.


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Please note full write up on the run is available if you click on Past Run Link.

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