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25th February – President’s Family Day Picnic

Providing the day is not over 36° we will have an early breakfast picnic @ 9.00am.

Where: Mitcham Reserve at Mitcham. Parking on the Northern Side in Normans Walk (20 car parks) are available there, if you miss out a little further south is Evans Ave, there are about 16 parks, on the same side of the road across the creek, with a walk access over the bridge.

After breakfast we will go on a cruise providing it is not too hot. Try to be there early to get a good spot, it is a very popular venue.

Brenton: 0414 364 732


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Please note full write up on the run is available if you click on Past Run Link.

21st January 2018 – Show & Shine

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19th November 2017 – Picnic Day at the Barossa

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